Messenger config
These values should be in the "messenger": {} block
  • username String Messenger username, email or phone number
  • password String Messenger password (or app password)
  • format = *{username}*: {message} String Format of the message sent to Messenger See examples here Supported "variables":
    • {username}
    • {message} or {content}
    • {source} - specified in messenger.sourceFormat
  • sourceFormat The {source} from messenger.format above You can use {name} here which will be substituted for channel/chat name.
    • messenger = (Messenger: {name}) String
    • discord = (Discord) String
  • ignoreEmbeds = false Boolean Whether to parse embeds from Discord (Embeds are more extensible messages, e.g. link previews or some messages from bots which have a title)
  • attachmentTooLargeError = true Boolean Whether to show "attachment too large" error when sending to Discord
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