Frequently asked questions
A collection of answers to questions that appeared over time.

What if I don't want to/can't run Miscord myself?

You can donate $5 or more and get a gift code for up to 3 hosted instances for a month... basically, I do all the dirty work/host Miscord/keep it running for you. The only thing you would need to do is create a Facebook account and connect it with the chats. More info on Discord (#announcements or DM me at Bjornskjald#2002).

How do I get User/Server/Channel ID?

Where to find "thread ID"?


  • Go to
  • Enter the chosen conversation
  • In the URL bar you should have numbers). Those numbers are this thread's ID.


  • Open that person's profile on Facebook and copy the link.
  • Paste the link and click "Find Numeric ID"

How to run Miscord in the background with auto-restart?

You can use pm2 please don't Miscord has auto-restart embedded, just run it regularly (you can use tmux on Linux to run it in the background)

I don't get messages, help??

  • Did you configure connections list?
  • Are you sending messages (on FB) from the same account as in the config? Miscord ignores its own messages to not repeat itself

Why do edited messages on Discord not reflect on Facebook Messenger?

It's impossible. Facebook doesn't share any way to edit messages.

Something is not working, help

  • Update to the latest version
  • See Troubleshooting page here
  • Change logLevel to verbose
  • Ask for help on Discord at #support
    Error messages or logs are welcome
    If you're sure it's not your fault, create an issue here.

Can I make Miscord ignore a single message?

Yes, you can use m!keep prefix at the beginning of your message to make Miscord ignore that message.

Where to get an app password?

See here:

Facebook not working (2-Factor Auth, login review)

Use app password (see above)